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Dr. Chris Rosenvall, D.D.S., M.S.

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Fax: 206-278-2421

Dr. Chris Rosenvall
D.D.S., M.S.

Meet Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Rosenvall has lived in lots of different places – even Mexico and Brazil – but he likes the Valley the best! He and his wife Brittany have four very spirited children. There is never a quiet moment at the Rosenvall house!

Dr. Chris finished his specialty training in pediatric dentistry at The Ohio State University in 2013. After that, they moved to Alaska for a “short” two-year adventure… but they fell in love with the Valley and ended up staying! They are happy to raise their kids in such a wonderful place.

Here is Dr. Chris Rosenvall explaining why he became a pediatric dentist:

“My youngest brother, Alex, was born with Down Syndrome. He’s an amazing person that has touched so many lives, especially my own. Alex needed a lot of therapy and support when he was young, and I’m really grateful for all the organizations that helped him as he grew up.

When I was in college, I was trying to decide what to do for a career. One day, I happened to take Alex to a dental appointment with his pediatric dentist. I had never been to a pediatric dentist before. My childhood dentist was kind of mean and I remember he would make me cry…I didn’t like the dentist at all! But my brother’s dentist was completely different. I could tell that kids actually liked being there, and the entire office was designed for them. My brother went back to see his dentist with a big smile and came out laughing and waving goodbye to everyone. After that, I knew that I wanted to be a pediatric dentist, where I could interact with awesome people like my brother Alex and help kids enjoy going to the dentist.”

Dr. Chris Rosenvall and his family - Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry
Dr, Chris and his Family

Darla Wilson
Office Coordinator

Darla moved to Alaska from Utah in 2017. She has an extensive background in pediatric dentistry. It is guaranteed that she will greet every patient with a sparkling smile and a hello as soon as you walk in the door. She and her husband enjoy exploring all of the beauty that Alaska has to offer. They have 4 kids and 8 grandchildren.

Darla Wilson - Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry

Therapy Dog

We’re excited for you to meet our favorite team member, Simon! He is a 3-year-old standard poodle and is specially trained to help children feel comfortable at the dental office. He loves to be with kids and is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. If your child has anxiety when going to the dentist, a therapy dog can help turn a scary visit into a comfortable experience. Simon can’t wait to meet you (and have you scratch behind his ears…he loves that!).